What does DEX Data Explorers do?

DEX Data Explorers explores data in its many forms. Does your organization generate a lot of data about customers, products, etc.? Do you think that you can get more out of this information ithan you do now? Do the large investments keep you from doing so ? Let DEX Data Explorers help you.

DEX Regulatory Suite

Regulatory reports, such as those for the ECB, are expensive to make, requirements are changing ever and they only cost money. All the more reason to find the most efficient solution. DEX Data Explorers has developed the DEX Regulatory Suite, which can easily generate reports based on the regulatory standards. DEX Regulatory Suite offers solutions for banks (FINREP / COREP, AnaCredit, Social Economic Reports), for Insurers and Pension Funds (Solvency) and for Investment Institutions (MIFID ii, SFTR).The system calculates values based on the validation rules provided by the regulator. DEX RS generates XBRL or XML conform the regulator standards.


Data management is the development, implementation and monitoring of plans, policies, programs and practices that support the control, protection, delivery and improvement of the value of the data and information in an organization. DEX Data Explorers can assist you in setting up a data management program in your organization and the implementation of the various aspects of data management. DEX Data Explorers has helped large organizations in setting up the governance, data quality management, master data managemenent, data warehousing and other aspects.

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