Data is an important asset in every organization, therefore it's very important to manage it properly. In a recent survey 56% of client respondents stated they had received complaints by customers because of poor quality of data. This shows the relevance of having good data quality management. DEX Data Explorers can manage a datamanagement implementation initiative and help your organization improve on each of these aspects

EXAMPLE: Datamanagement in banking

In the past, financial institutions like banks were about physical money, gold, coupons. Nowadays, information about customers, products, contracts and risk has become increasingly important. Banks have to know their customers to make them a better offer or give them better advice, regulatory reporting demands are increasing and information about risk is vital for the opration of the bank. This means a lot of banks are currently engaging in data management initiatives. The challenges they face here are rapidly changing environmental factors, an often scattered IT landscape and increasing threats from outside. This calls for a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach for approach on datamanagement.

Datamanagement functions

The 10 datamanagement functions are:

  1. Data Governance – planning, supervision and control over data management and use
  2. Data Architecture Management – as an integral part of the enterprise architecture
  3. Data Development – analysis, design, building, testing, deployment and maintenance
  4. Database Operations Management – support for structured physical data assets
  5. Data Security Management – ensuring privacy, confidentiality and appropriate access
  6. Reference & Master Data Management – managing golden versions and replicas
  7. Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Management – enabling access to decision support data for reporting and analysis
  8. Document & Content Management – storing, protecting, indexing and enabling access to data found in unstructured sources (electronic files and physical records)
  9. Meta Data Management – integrating, controlling and delivering meta data
  10. Data Quality Management – defining, monitoring and improving data quality


...and it's all about communication

As with each change, it's important to communicate what problem you are solving, what you are doing, why you are doing it, and who you are doing it for. A lot of people find datamanagement an IT thing, and find it hard to grasp what it's all about: DEX will prepare and execute an communication plan as a part of the implementation plan.DEX has extensive experience in Business Change Management. The objective of a datamanagement initiative is to achieve a permanent change in the organization, it shouldn't be a one off. DEX will work with your organization to implement this change.

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